In the Far North, nature has been living, growing, exploring, adapting and inventing for much longer than humans. Polaar bases its work on the pure, virtuous and ancestral experience of this remote world. To subtly rethink the care of our face and body in all seasons.

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Lapland, an evocative, enchanting and magical name that echoes our childhood memories. This melting ointment concentrated in extract of 3 Arctic Polar Berries revisits the ancestral beauty secrets of Lapland women.

Its pleasant cocooning texture enriched with raspberry, blackberry and Arctic cranberry extracts nourishes, repairs and protects the dry and sensitive skin of the whole family with infinite softness

5.00 out of 5

10 Reviews

Rich in restorative active ingredients, this smooth night care effectively regenerates and relaxes stressed and devitalized skin. While you sleep, boreal algae take care of your face for a radiant complexion in the morning.

This Roll-On IcyMagic is ideal for all eyes looking for brightness: in one application it erases dark circles, bags and all traces of fatigue.

4.90 out of 5

10 Reviews

An anti-aging treatment with a unique snow texture that melts on contact with the skin and forms a real protective shield by stimulating cell regeneration. The skin is moisturized and regains firmness and elasticity.

4.90 out of 5

10 Reviews

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The IcePure hygiene range cleans the skin thanks to the softness of Arctic cotton. In contact with this unique flower, the skin is cleansed, detoxified and fully soothed.


The IcePure hygiene range cleans the skin thanks to the softness of Arctic cotton. In contact with this unique flower, the skin is cleansed, detoxified and fully soothed.

IcePure IcePure


A hydration range par excellence, IceSource uses the pure water of large glaciers to soften, plump and deeply moisturize the skin. To optimize the penetrating effects, it has been encapsulated in liposomes.

IceSource IceSource

Eternal Snow

Eternal Snow preserves the youth of your skin with its anti-aging care line. The power of the Nunatak flower will densify, moisturize and illuminate your complexion.

Eternal Snow Eternal Snow

Polar Night

During your sleep, Polar Night will smooth, regenerate and relax your skin. It is based on the exceptional properties of the boreal algae growing in the abyss of the Arctic oceans.

Polar Night Polar Night

Siberian White

The Siberian White serum unifies the skin and gently lightens the complexion. Taiga pine bark is extracted from an active ingredient that blocks the enzymes responsible for pigment spots.

Siberian White Siberian White


This range has magical effects on your face : it smoothes your skin and gives it a glowing look. IcyMagic relies on the power and tone of Siberian Ginseng to revitalize the eye contour and stimulate skin cells.

IcyMagic IcyMagic

The Genuine Lapland Cream

The 4 cocooning treatments inspired by ancestral recipes moisturize and nourish the dry and most sensitive skins. Their effectiveness is based on a unique cocktail of 3 Arctic berries: raspberries, cranberries and blackberries.

The Genuine Lapland Cream The Genuine Lapland Cream

Polaar Sun

This range of sun care is based on a unique combination of organic filters and mineral screens to protect and moisturize the skin, even in the most extreme conditions.

Polaar Sun Polaar Sun

Polaar Men

Want a fresh and toned skin? A perfect and comfortable shave even for the most reactive skin? Protected and hydrated skin all day long?

Polaar Men Polaar Men

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Our adventure

Our adventure

The journey began more than thirty years ago, in the mind of a passionate man. Son of a polar explorer, Daniel Kurbiel embarked on the Vagabond, an icebreaker on its way to the far north, for a scientific mission.

Going back to the origins

Our arctic beauty secrets

Our arctic beauty secrets

The journey never stops: Polaar reinvents itself with each expedition that brings a new discovery. Take the same routes and come and see the wonders of the North for yourself.

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Spotlight on the magic of our Christmas gift sets

Dossiers beauté

Spotlight on the magic of our Christmas gift sets

For a long time Lapland has been a legendary and infinite source of dreams, but it never leaves the imaginary world of Christmas. Its magic pervades the four precious creations being unveiled today.

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Polar brightness and purity

New products, equipment, reports… New lines of the Polaar adventure are written every day.

Hygge in Paris: a capital city escape


Hygge in Paris: a capital city escape

Despite its complex spelling, hygge is a simple art of living : hygge is the enveloping well-being that comes from Scandinavia. Ready to discover it from home?

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Nature is as pure and delicate as your skin.

We have established a demanding ethical charter to preserve these two precious assets.

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